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Katakolo Shore Excursions

Katakolon is a picturesque fishing port and the gateway to Ancient Olympia, the birth-place of the Olympic Games. Using Katakolon as a starting point, the passengers can see the marvelous Ancient Olympia with the Olympic Stadium along with the classical temples and then visit the archaeological museum hosting the famous statues of Hermes, Apollo and Nike.

For those who love nature and wine, the choice of an excursion to Mercouri winery is ideal where you can savor the special local wine and home-made snacks. Finally there is the alternative of a tour to the modern city of Pirgos for the ones who wish to blend in the Modern Greek city life.

Whatever your style is, Geo Travel provides you with an experience of excursions which will fill you with good memories using our knowledge, selected vehicles and professional staff.

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