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Cephalonia Shore Excursions

Kefalonia is the jewel of the Ionian Sea. Full of lush vegetation and impressive sites of excessive beauty is the emerald island of Greece. Geo Travel organizes private tours for cruise passengers offering excellent services with our selected staff and vehicles.

Enjoy a swim on Myrtos beach, the most beautiful beach in the Ionian Sea, awarded with a blue flag, long and organized with white small pebbles and turquoise-colored waters.

Visit the Lake of the Nymphs Melissani, a natural underground lake with a vertical entrance allowing the sun light to enter the hall and create unique colors and shapes.

Moreover , you can see the famous Katavothres ( sinkholes) , a special natural phenomenon where the sea water penetrates the land and creates sinkholes.

They are also worth to visit the Drogarati Caves that consist of stalagmites and stalactites with a much expanded main hall and the Robola winery that produces the renowned local wine and offers wine tasting and snacks.

Choose the destination of your preference and trust our experience for a private tour to the island.

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